DA Pitch Feedback: Reflection

As a continuation of the previous assignment, the Digital Artefact (DA) pitch, in this current task we are required to provide feedback on 3 different students’ BCM325 digital artefact pitches, in order to offer a different perspective and ultimately help each other to improve.

The first student I was assigned to provide feedback to was Naomi Nguyen, in her DA pitch about humans sourcing food from insects, rather than red meat, in order to combat food crisis and also be more environmentally sustainable. In the comment, I addressed how effectively she communicated her ideas, my thoughts on why I think her chosen topic is valuable, and suggestions on how she might direct her project, adding a link to a source I found that relates to her topic and may be beneficial in her research.

Screen Shot 2019-04-12 at 10.53.56 am

Link to the post

Link to the source I provided

The second student I was assigned is Brooke Eager. Her DA is on the topic of a Virtual Reality Art Gallery, whereby she discusses how a VR gallery will help to combat the disruption of modern technology to the art industry, creating a virtual space that may change the future of art galleries and installations. My comment mainly focused on how impressed I was with her idea, as I am a fan of art myself, I can appreciate her collaboration of her passion of art with modern technology. There was not any way I could see her project needing improvement, and so I felt that I couldn’t offer suggestions. However, I did provide a link to a source on the virtual reality technology becoming the future of art which I believe she may find helpful.

Screen Shot 2019-04-12 at 11.37.11 am.png

Link to Post and Comment 

Link to the source I provided

And last, but not least, the third student I was assigned is Alexander Mastronardi. His Digital Artefact idea concerns his involvement of the Digital Media Society (DMS) that he and other students at the university have built together. The society aims to help members with work experience, portfolio building and acquiring skills in how to be successful in the marketing and communication industry, especially with against the threat of artificial intelligence and robotic technology taking over jobs within the industry. My comment appreciated the ideas he conveyed, and commended his incorporation of AI and robotic technology. My suggestions for improvement were to think more creatively in terms of how he could portray his Digital artefact, and added a link to a source that explores virtual assistant and robotic technology taking over jobs in media.

Screen Shot 2019-04-12 at 11.21.00 am

Link to post and comment

Link to the source I provided

Through this experience of providing feedback to other students’ work, it has assisted me to look deeper into the ways in which I can improve my own. I am hoping that my comments provide some positive insight and assistance to these students, even though my comments were not overly constructive. I genuinely feel as though these three students have done a great job on their pitches and have very interesting and diverse ideas. Although I find it difficult to be harsh when giving feedback, especially on work I believe doesn’t need it, providing feedback in a constructive manner is something I wish to improve for next time, as feedback is an essential tool in improving.


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